PopCap launches holiday half-off sale for casual games

Posted on 27/01/2019 by

For the late gift-givers and the forgetful gamers comes one easy present for the casual games fan in your life. PopCap Games, makers of such digital crack as Peggle and Bookworm, are selling everything on its site for half price from now until January 3. If you're interested in killing someone's productivity, you now have a less expensive way to go about it. HangZhou Night Net

You can also send a gift certificate via the site, for the truly lazy.

Purchasing the gift certificate
takes less than a minute via any major credit cardThe certificate arrives via email
within a few minutes and can be sent directly to the recipient, or forwarded by
the purchaser. It can also be printed out and mailed in a card or stuffed in a
stocking (standard CD jewel cases won’t fit in most stockings).The gift giver doesn't need
to know which game(s) would be most enjoyed by the recipient—the gift
certificate can be applied to any of the four dozen games available on
PopCap’s Website.Even the recipient of the gift
certificate doesn’t need to choose a game "blindly"—thanks to PopCap's "try before you buy" policy, any and all
games on the site can be played by the recipient, after which the preferred
game(s) can be "purchased" via the gift certificate instantly.To redeem the gift certificate,
the recipient simply enters the certificate code during the normal check-out
process on PopCap.com.

No one in my extended family knows who UbiSoft is, but PopCap is a household name. Cutting all the prices in half gives you some significant savings, and and you don't even have to get up from your desk. The wonders of technology…

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